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Chakra’s 101


So you’ve been wondering what all this Woo woo Chakra stuff is about, It’s honestly not really all that difficult of a concept to understand and once I tell you, you can go a little further to see if you have been keeping yours balanced and in good working order.

So the concept that I would like for you to think of is our big, beautiful, living & breathing, ball of love we call Mother Earth. Due to it’s spinning; it actually keeps us on the planet and alive. There is also the ozone layer all around the perimeter that helps filter out the solar flairs from the sun so we don’t burn to a crispy radiation nugget. The ozone layer also allows in just enough of the suns ray’s and turns it into a wonderful life giving force!

Now that you have this spinning, filtering, life giving, ball of energy in your mind’s eye I can tell you this is what a chakra is in its very essence. They act as conductors for energy, filtering both energies from the universe above and the very earth below converging them into usable energy. We have seven (7) of these main energy vortexes (chakra’s) in our bodies that correlate to all of our endocrine(a) organs and have a lot to do with the hormones of your body and state of mind & well being,


Earth’s Chakra’s

The first chakra starts at the base of our spine, second is in our lower abdomen, the third is in our solar plexus, fourth is our heart chakra, fifth is the throat, sixth is our pituitary gland and the last is above us in the crown of our auric field. With each successive energy center comes a higher atunement for maximum spiritual growth and really tells us about our approach to life and gives us insight into why we are that way. Through the knowledge of each chakra and its effects on us and vica/versa we can then take responsible transformation upon ourselves to become better beings here on this planet and how to give of ourselves for not only individual healing but collective and ethral healing as well.

(a) The endocrine system is the collection of glands that produce hormones that regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood, among other things.

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