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Packages are shipped via the Canadian & US Postal Service, For all shipments, our shipping fee is calculated from the standard carrier charges and a small handling fee. Deliveries shipped via the CAD/US/PS are calculated using the formula of :Carrier Charge x .95 + $2.00 = Enchanted Wife’s  Shipping Charge For example, $6.45 x .95 + $2.00 = shipping charges of $8.13

It should also note that most orders shipped via US/CAD/PS will have a delivery confirmation number, but we will not be able to accurately track US/CAD/PS deliveries that are international. This includes orders shipped via the USPS to APO addresses.  Also, please note that customers are liable for any duty charges.

Our back order policy for orders is as follows:
Domestic shipping orders are shipped out automatically, with you being notified on the shipping invoice that the item is back ordered. Back ordered items on international orders are canceled and the order is shipped. You will be notified to all out of stock items. Item cancelation saves you duty fees based on items on the invoice that were not received and saves you extensive shipping fees for items that ship out separately.
Should you need to make a return or have another issue with your please fill out the above contact sheet with info. Please double check all address before placing your orders.  If an order is shipped to the incorrect address and we get billed for an address correction fee it will be added to your account.

Thank You!

Enchanted Wife